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Chief Atsistamokon—attempted to add a little too
much reality to his enactment.

Among the 'foreign' tribes who had come to
witness our Sun Dance was a band of Crees under
Chief Pretty-Young-Man. Our chief, Atsista-
mokon, had had a very famous fight with Pretty-
Young-Man ten years before while down in what
is now Montana. When the head chief of the
Blackfeet asked Atsistamokon to re-enact this
battle, Atsistamokon thought it would be a good
idea to get Pretty-Young-Man himself to take the
part in it which he had actually played. When
asked about it. Chief Pretty-Young-Man said that
he would. So the Blackfeet invited all of the
Crees under Pretty-Young-Man to come over
and witness this unique encounter. The visiting
Crees had been camping a little way from our
Sun Dance camp, but now they all moved over
and pitched their teepees right among those of the

The fight which Pretty-Young-Man and At-
sistamokon were going to re-enact was a very
famous encounter in the recent history of the
Blackfeet and the Crees. Atsistamokon was lead-
ing a Blackfoot war party against the Crees under
Chief Pretty-Young-Man. They met south of
the Cypress Hills in Montana. In the bloody
battle that ensued Chief Pretty-Young-Man man-
aged to trap Chief Atsistamokon so that he could